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Doha Entertainment City
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The first and the largest amusement park established in Al-Doha area of northern Kuwait, the Entertainment City is considered the Disneyland of Kuwait. Located 20kms away from Kuwait City, it is the first and largest amusement park in the Al Doha area of northern Kuwait, near the 7th Ring Road, offering a complete range of entertainment for families and children. Established on 12th March 1984 and spanning an area of one million square meters, the complex offers a complete range of amusement based on themes, such as ‘The Arab World’, which includes Gulf Sailing boats, Sinbad the sailor and more, The International World, which includes Australian Gondola, African boats, European cars, and The Cowboys Arena, and The Future World, which include The Space Dome, The Desert Storm, The Massive Mixer, and the Arcade Gym Games.

Distinguished by its exotic garden, the park has amazing rides, including The Invaders, The Flying Eagle, and Wireless Operated Boats. A new ride called “Al-Barq” is also included, which is known for its thrills and excitement among the youth.The Entertainment City, also known as Al-Madina Al-Tarfihiya, is operated by the Kuwait Tourist Enterprises Company (KTEC). The Entertainment City also offers several fast food restaurants, and cafes that cater to everybody’s tastes. There is also a Mosque, and an open Roman Amphitheatre within the complex.

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